Необыкновенные ночи в Париже (на английском языке), 978-2-9158-0748-6, 9782915807486

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Издательство: Jonglez
Автор: Jean-Laurent Cassely
Страниц: 176
Формат: 190x105x14 мм
Переплет: Обл. с клапанами
Язык: Английский
Вес: 274 г
ISBN: 9782915807486
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Observe the stars from the top of the Sorbonne, see a film in a private flat, spend an astonishing night in the company of transsexuals, watch lawyers match wits in an oratory debating contest, go for a swim in the nude, crash celebrity parties, listen to a rock group in a squat, cross Paris in a Zodiac boat, meet Master Jodorowsky in person, discover the Baha'i faith and or theosophy, buckle down at a gathering of fetishists, or sleep in the most astonishing hotel rooms in the French capital.
Night-time in Paris has never been so full of surprises, if you know where to go...