Longman Dictionary of Common Errors

Код: 325184

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Издательство: Longman
Автор: N. D. Turton, J. B. Heaton
Страниц: 376
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Язык: Русский
ISBN: 0-582-23752-1

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This important new edition of the Longman Dictionary of Common Errors is based entirely on the unique Longman Learner's Corpus. Its clear layout and easy-to-use format make it an indispensable guide for students who want to avoid or correct mistakes in their spoken or written English. Over 2500 entries showing common errors in alphabetical order. New and revised language notes, giving clear explanations of the problem underlying each error. Authentic example sentences taken from the British National Corpus showing correct use in context. 30 special language features focussing on key problem areas. Illustrations to aid comprehension and reinforce meaning. Comprehensive cross references help you locate entries easily. Glossary of all grammatical terms used in the entries.

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