English Together. Action Book 3

Код: 325185

Краткое описание

Вес: 159 г

Издательство: Longman
Автор: Diana Webster, Anne Worrall
Страниц: 64
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Год издания: 2009
Язык: Английский
Вес: 159

955 руб.
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Подробная информация 

English Together is a three stage course for children (with an optional Starter Book for younger beginners or those not familiare with the Roman alphabet). English Together is based on the belief that children learn best by working together, playing together, exploring the new language together. It gives a lot of opportunities for children to cooperate to solve problems, express opinions, and to enjoy themselves by playing games, doing puzzles and singing together. Action Book 3 offers: - Consolidation of language covered in the Pupil`s Book - Fun activities including crosswords, puzzles and drawing - Imaginative writing and listening tasks. Издание на английском языке.

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