Albert Moore

Код: 333421

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Издательство: Phaidon Press
Автор: Robyn Asleson
Страниц: 240
Переплет: 250x285
Язык: Английский
ISBN: 0-7148-4392-X, 0-7148-3846-2

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Albert Moore was one of the most important late Victorian artists. In a single-minded quest for aesthetic perfection, he employed the female figure to embody abstract systems of ideal beauty, and created many of the iconic and defining images of the Aesthetic Movement. Yet he has remained a shadowy figure. Based on original research and unpublished family documents, Robyn Asleson's monograph presents a fresh view of the artist's allegedly reclusive personality, and firmly establishes him as a major figure and a significant precursor of Modernism. This beautiful book is now issued in a paperback format that will bring the artist to a wide and appreciative audience.

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