Max Penson. Photographer of the Uzbek Avantgarde, 978-3-89790-025-7

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Издательство: Arnoldsche Art Publishers
Автор: Ildar Galeyev
Страниц: 184
Формат: 295x220x20 мм
Переплет: 7Б - твердая
Год издания: 2011
Язык: Английский
Вес: 1076 г
ISBN: 978-3-89790-025-7
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From 1924 the Russian photojournalist Max Penson (1893 - 1959) travelled through his adoptive homeland of Uzbekistan as a reporter. His photographs offer insight into a time when the country was loosening its centuries-old traditions and was confronted with a new political and social structure. These photographs, discovered three years ago in an attic and shown for the first time in this publication, come from the photographer's so far unseen legacy. They portray a country that in the early 20th century was a largely unknown part of mysterious and magical Central Asia. The awakening from this fairytale began just at the time when Max Penson was on the road with his camera, transmitting the upheaval of this ancient culture in fascinating photo reportages. Like no other photographer of his generation Max Penson documented the radical changes of a country that was only just being liberated from medieval social structures. Max Penson, a contemporary of the...

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