New Headway Video Pre-Intermediate: Student's Book

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Издательство: Oxford University Press
Автор: John Murphy
Страниц: 48
Переплет: 220x275
Язык: Английский
ISBN: 9780194581806, 978-0-19-458180-6
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New Headway Video Pre-lntermediate is the third level of the New Headway Video series and contains six more episodes in the lives of Helen, David, Jane, Matt and their neighbour, Simon. In this video, we learn that living together is not always easy, that it pays to tell the truth, and that there is such a thing as a happy ending. Each episode provides clearly defined language structures and vocabulary within an amusing story-line. The syllabus is closely linked with the New Headway English Course Pre-lntermediate coursebook. The video is accompanied by a Student's Book and a Teacher's Book offering useful and motivating activities for students and full guidance for the teacher. The Student's Book is in full colour and illustrated throughout. Each unit is divided into three sections. The Before you watch section clearly establishes the theme of each episode and gives help with new vocabulary. The While you watch section first exploits the main dramatic focus and then...