English Vocabulary in Use: Elementary with Answers, 978-0-521-13617-4

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Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Автор: Майкл Маккарти
Страниц: 176
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Язык: Английский
Вес: 434
ISBN: 978-0-521-13617-4
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Do you want to improve your vocabulary quickly? Do you want the confidence to use the right words when you need them? Whether you're studying on your own or in class, English Vocabulary in Use Elementary covers all the words and phrases you need at this level to understand and be understood in English. Two-page units with clear explanations on the left page and practice exercises on the right. Presents and explains new words in context and shows you how to use them. Error warnings and vocabulary tips help you avoid common mistakes and learn new vocabulary more effectively. Based on a corpus of real written and spoken language to ensure the vocabulary is completely up to date.