How to Ride Dragon's Storm, 978-0-340-99912-7

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Издательство: Hodder Children's Books
Автор: Крессида Коуэлл
Страниц: 280
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Язык: Английский
ISBN: 978-0-340-99912-7
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The story continues in the seventh volume of Hiccup's How to Train Your Dragon memoirs... Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was an awesome sword-fighter, a dragon-whisperer and the greatest Viking Hero who ever lived. But it wasn't always like that. Hiccup's memoirs look back to when Hiccup was just an ordinary boy, and finding it very hard to be a Hero. Hiccup has three months, five days and six hours to discover America, get back to Berk, save his father, battle Polarserpents, and win the annual Inter-Tribal Friendly Swimming Race. Can he do it?