Picasso, 978-84-343-1114-5

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Издательство: Ediciones Poligrafa
Автор: Jose Maria Faerna
Страниц: 80
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Язык: Английский
ISBN: 84-343-1114-3
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Pablo Picasso, undisputably one of the greatest masters of the twentieth century, is a perfect embodiment of the modern artist. Forfeiting a conventional carrer and scorning the artistic establishment-despite his -academic training and exceptional natural talent-he fully embraced the bohemian lifestyle of the avant-garde throughout his long and productive life. The son of a drawing teacher from Malaga, Spain, Picasso moved to Barcelona in 1895 and plunged into the cosmopolitan turn-of-the-century art scene of that city. By 1904 he was living in Paris in the legendary neighborhood of Montmartre. Over the next few years the artist became intrigued by Iberian sculpture and African imagery into his art, culminating into the famous 1907 painting, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Along with the painter Georges Braque, Picasso then embarked on the artistic revolution known as Cubism, an abstract style that completly altered the way the world was represented in art. As the century progressed,...